About Us

simple, honest and elegant solutions.

What's in the name and logo?

Our company name is based on the ancient Greek ἁπλόος (haplós) which means single, simple and honest. The word further evolved to mean simple, honest and elegant solutions. Improvements that take root and deliver real, sustainable business results must be doable (simple), have real value (honest) and work well (elegant).  

Delivering results through simple, honest and elegant solutions is who we are as a company. How we do this as a company is where our circular logo comes in. The circle represents our coaching model. We go beyond identifying great solutions, we help the client achieve results by developing their people through coaching. 

That's our philosophy. Its how we do business.

We serve our clients in the pursuit of excellence through simple and elegant business solutions (haploos). These solutions focus singularly on improving business performance through the development of clients staff and cutting edge process design and implementation: 

  • Enhancing the client’s efforts to modernize and streamline business processes in order to produce a safer, more reliable and profitable operational environment.
  • Utilizing our simple, collaborative and fresh approach which develops the client’s capacity to drive sustainable change for future initiatives.

Our Vision 

To serve the energy industry in the pursuit of excellence through simple and elegant business process design and implementation.

Our Mission

To become a trusted business advisor and partner for the energy industry in North America, Middle East, Asia and the Pacific Rim, by providing simple and elegant business process solutions that create a safe, reliable and profitable operational business environment, while developing the capacity for our clients to drive change independently.

We will do this by managing our business with integrity, service, and excellence in the highest ethical standards with an emphasis on our clients, team members, and communities. We commit ourselves to this mission by adhering to our core values, building a team that believes in these values, and committing to the daily relentless pursuit of these core values.