Alan Mikkelson, Sr. VP, Research & Development

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Executive Summary

Alan is one of the youngest full professors in the history Whitworth. Alan has served as the Sr. VP of research for Haploos since 2010. In our industry, most consulting groups develop self-certified approaches and tools. At Haploos, we use only validated and published techniques and tools. Alan’s knowledge and experience is central to our efforts to remain at the cutting edge of research in the areas we serve. 

Areas of Specialization / Expertise

Communication theory; relational communication; nonverbal communication; religion and communication; family communication

Selected Publications / Presentations / Honors

Recipient of the Whitworth Dean's Junior Faculty Award (2008).

Co-investigator of $23,575 Hugh Downs Communication Excellence Award, Arizona State University, "Using Affectionate Communication to Improve the Immune System." 

Publications include: co-author of "The Differential Use of Relational Maintenance Behaviors in Adult Sibling Relationships," in Communication Studies (2011); author of "Relational Maintenance Theories," and "Gender and Biology," in Encyclopedia of Communication Theory (2009); co-author of "Affectionate communication" in Encyclopedia of Human Relationships (2009); co-author of "Affection" in Encyclopedia of Human Relationships (forthcoming); author of "Sibling interaction" in International Encyclopedia of Communication (2008); co-author of The Biology of Human Communication: Issues and Applications (second edition, 2007; first edition, 2004).

Journal articles include: co-author "Discussions of religion and relational messages: Differences between comfortable and uncomfortable interactions" in Southern Communication Journal (2009); co-author, "Affectionate writing reduces total cholesterol: Two randomized, controlled trials," in Human Communication Research (2007).

Co-author of, "The Communication of Social Support in Adult Full Sibling and Stepsibling Relationships," presented to the National Communication Association, in Chicago, which received a Top Four Paper award for the the Family Communication Division (2009).

Presentations include: co-presented "Understanding Adult Sibling Relationships: Past Research and Future Directions," "Relationship between Relational Messages and Self-Disclosure in Discussions of Religion," "Trait Affection in Marriage: An Actor-Partner Interdependence Model," and "Sex as a Taboo Topic: The Importance of Relationship Type and Relational Messages," at the Western States Communication Association, Monterey, Calif. (2011); co-presented "Maximizing Relationship Possibilities: Relational Maximization in Romantic Relationships," and "The Differential Use of Relational Maintenance Behaviors in Adult Sibling Relationships," to the National Communication Association, San Francisco, Calif. (2010).

Panel chair for the Western States Communication Association, Interpersonal Communication Division; Editorial board member of the Journal of Family Communication (2005-present); new faculty representative and paper reviewer for the National Communication Association; reviewer, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships; reviewer, Southern Communications Journal; reviewer, Communication Reports (2007-present); reviewer, Western Journal of Communication (2006-present); reviewer, Communication Quarterly