Josh Arritola, CEO & President

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Experience Summary 

Josh leads a young, fresh and exciting consulting group with a new approach to business management and consulting. Josh founded Haploos in 2008 and has led the company since. 

The Haploos team has helped the world's largest companies, from SaudiAramco and British Petroleum (the world's 1st and 10th largest companies respectively) to medium sized companies like Husky Energy. As Josh continues to lead a team dedicated to advancing and serving companies in the energy sector, he is also excited to open a new line of business. Starting in 2018, when Haploos will begin to serve the world's largest hospital network, the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs.

Haploos and its team have made meaningful and significant impacts with the clients they have served; from creating and cultivating new enterprise-wide cultures to giving frontline leaders and works tools to be successful in their lives and at work. The work Haploos has done has been very rewarding and fulfilling.

Most notably, Josh is exceedingly proud of his companies non-profit work. Through his teams work, Haploos has been able to giving back to the most vulnerable in our community and world. Every year, Haploos donates over 10% of its profits to non-profit organizations that serve the world's most poor and disadvantaged. You can learn more on the "Our Purpose" tab of



Mikkelson, A. C., York, J. A., & Arritola, J.  (in press).  Communication competence, leadership behaviors, and employee outcomes in supervisor/employee relationships.  Business and Professional Communication Quarterly.



University of Washington, Seattle, WA — BA, Political Science, 2003