How will Haploos help my organization?

To address today’s challenges, it is vital to assess and improve the existing business processes, corporate culture, coaching and communication channels that have evolved within your organization. Haploos delivers a corporate culture empowered to successfully navigate heavy industry’s complex future. Your people will develop a mindset of personal commitment rather than forced compliance. With an enhanced understanding of coaching and leadership, your company can bridge the gap from status quo to a new frontier of increased efficiency, productivity, safety and performance.

Haploos’ Value Proposition

Haploos believes in collaborative improvements. We bring in SMEs to aid your internal SMEs in developing the new process, training materials, or any other service you need. As shown below, both Haploos and the Client have tasks they are required to complete as well as tasks they each own. Sustainable change only occurs within an organization when the client owns the change.

The center column represents what the client is doing as a business.

As we move down the middle column, the roles of Haploos and the client shift. The Missions and Visions is always the client’s. Haploos then facilitates the design and build process using your SMEs. During Implementation, Haploos uses its SMEs to implement the collaboratively designed program. After Implementation, Haploos helps develop the Sustainment program although ultimately the Client must continue Sustainment efforts long after Haploos leaves.

  • Purpose: Why you exist as a business beyond making money.
  • Values: Who you are or strive to be as individuals and a team.
  • Vision: What the world would look like when your business achieves its perfect operating state. This should not be achievable, something the business will always strive for.
  • Mission: What you are going to do to work toward achieving the vission.
  • Tactics: How you are going to accomplish the mission. Tasks and jobs that will make the mission happen. i.e. Processes & Procedures
  • Tools: What is needed to perform the tasks. i.e supporting material
  • Implementation: Using established methodologies to drive change and implement the tools, processes and skill sets necessary to meet the vision and mission of the organization. A temporary role in the overall strategy. Once implemented, only minor adjustments and improvements are made through sustainment.
  • Sustainment: Haploos aids in measuring and analyzing the management system for process health and results. Together we determine if it is working and what needs to improve.

The key: the Client and Haploos have two different but complimentary roles.

In other words, Haploos can’t do all the work. The Client is the decision maker and leader. Haploos is the SME, Trainer, Coach, Facilitator and Change Manager. This strategy passes most of these skills to the Client, so the Client will have more capacity and capability in the future to drive change with less external resources.

Contact us to tap the unrealized potential at the heart of your organization. We’ll share how we do it, why we do it and the results our clients have gained through partnership with us.