The Haploos Difference?

Haploos believes that you have diamonds in the rough–effective change experts–within your own company.

We blend our methodologies with the strengths of your people to realize sustainable cultural and process change – resulting in a much stronger company, not just for tomorrow, but for years to come. Haploos generates employee understanding, desire and pride in thinking and working differently. We do this in a manner that puts your own people in charge and in control of the change.

Our unique coaching model gives your managers the capacity to drive and influence sustainable processes that improve your company’s performance throughout all levels of the organization. The result is sustainable implementations and freedom from dependence on outside consultants. Self-sufficiency brings increased performance and long-term results. This is the proven outcome of Haploos’ work.

What we believe:

  1. Consulting firms must adapt and integrate into a client’s organizational culture.
  2. Successful consultants are humble and open to seeing value in the client’s current business model while seeking to modernize and streamline the model and operations.
  3. There is no perfect way of doing business. We do not have the market cornered.
  4. We do believe there are always more effective and modern approaches to achieving your business goals, and we are experts at helping you find those ways through working collaboratively with your business leaders.

Haploos is dedicated to humbly serving its clients.