What is Change Management?

It is a structured process and set of tools for leading the people-side of change and a leadership led competency for enabling a change within an organization with a strategic capability designed to increase change capacity and responsiveness.

Fostering Change through Leadership

By discussing the case for change with those who will be affected by the change, leaders are able to clarify the vision, anticipate and resolve potential problems and achieve better alternative solutions. Involving other people is important because it makes the change their effort as well as the leaders’.

Haploos’ Three Phase Change Management Methodology

Change Management

Phase 1 – Change State Assessments

Phase One focuses on ensuring Haploos and the Client understand the current state of the organization. Through targeted assessments, Haploos will gain understanding of how ready the organization, sponsor, leadership and stakeholders are for change.

Select Key Activities:

  • Change Characteristics and Organizational Attributes Assessment
  • Stakeholder Surveys
  • Current State Report

Phase 2 – Implementation Design

Phase Two focuses on developing the Communication, Training and Resistance Management plans. The end goal of this phase is to have an implementation-ready plan which communicates the change effectively, trains staff on the new change and deals with any potential resistance points. This phase is highly client-specific. All three plans will be based on findings from Phase One.

Select Key Activities:

  • Communication Plan
  • Training Plan
  • Resistance Management Plan

Phase 3 – Implementation and Sustainment

Phase Three outlines the change activities that occur during the project implementation. It details the necessary change activities that will support a successful project. Sustainment examines the effectiveness of change management activities and efforts, outlining future progressive recommendations and sustainment activities. These results provide sponsors and key stakeholders a measure of the change climate post implementation efforts and ascertains where further sustainment effort is recommended.

Select Key Activities:

  • Grounding
  • Recognition Plan for Change Champions
  • Feedback and Recommendations Report
  • Continuous Improvement Plan

We understand change

We understand change is difficult. Organizations need help during transitions, not only managing a project but helping people understand, become involved and overcome any fear of change.

What We Do

Successful Change Programs aid employees in developing a deep desire to adapt to the new changes. They will support the change because they see the value in it. They are highly dependent on quality project management and an active and visible leadership team and sponsor.

Additionally, when front-line leaders are given the communication tools to succeed through our Coaching Model, they have the ability to help their staff overcome any resistance to the change. We create sustainable and transferable change management activities that stay with the Client long after Haploos leaves.

Our Change Management Program focuses on assessing the current state, developing world-class implementation strategies and implementing the solution using our proprietary Coaching Model, sound project management tactics and quality change Management.

Change Management—where culture change begins.