What’s the secret to implementing and managing effective change in your organization?

You’ve got to change tracks.

Haploos empowers clients to change how people behave within the organization because they want to, not because of corporate compliance or rules. Increased value comes from understanding the reasons for change and becoming fully vested in the values behind the initiative.

Working with human nature rather than against it, your employees will feel integral to the process and gain a clearer understanding. That will deepen how they view your company and will enrich their lives beyond simply doing their job.

Haploos solutions are not complicated. They are often quite simple and elegant. And they work.

Our Strategy


Sponsorship is critical to any change. Without the proper leadership direction and involvement, change is doomed to fail. Leadership guides how business will be conducted going forward.


Coaching is the tool leaders use to drive change. It is a simple, sustainable and repeatable model that results in behavior change. Its goal is to link shared values and behavior to improved performance.

Change Management

Change Management is a structured process and set of tools for leading the people side of change. It is a leadership led competency for enabling a change within an organization. It is a strategic capability designed to increase change capacity and responsiveness.

Project Management

Our collaborative-based methodologies ensure the delivery of high-quality, cost effective and timely results in a broad variety of organizational functions and efforts. Our skilled program and project managers have years of experience in managing programs and their component projects.

  • Systems
  • Budget
  • Process
  • Schedule
  • Staffing
  • KPIs