What’s Causing These Issues?

Every year companies face new challenges. The possibility of capsizing is ever-more present. The issues are numerous and complicated. Haploos will navigate companies through the causes of these problems and teach what to do about them.

6 Primary Reasons for Failure

Each of the Industry Issues featured have basic reasons why they exist. Though some issues  are outside an organization’s control, many are controllable. Haploos focuses on what you can control: your people, your processes, and your assets. By teaming up with Haploos, and together focusing our efforts on these three areas, you can start to affect the behaviors and values of your workforce. Only by changing behaviors and values through sustainable actions can you successfully improve productivity, workforce motivation and your bottom line. 

Deficient Employee and Leader Development

95% of employers think their leadership development programs support their organization’s desired culture. But only 37% of employees believe senior management does a good job developing future leaders. Only 44% agree leaders have a sincere interest in employees’ well-being. 

Inadequate Leadership Coaching

The coaching profession began as a development process primarily for senior leaders. According to 43% of respondents, this remains the case today. Lower in the organization the prevalence of individual coaching drops.  Only 28% of the respondents report mid-level managers receive coaching. The utilization of coaching drops to 20% for front-line supervisors.

Ineffective Implementation Strategies

Training is never enough. After three months adults retain only 10% of what they have heard in lecture-based training session.

Lack of Employee Buy-In

Based on the Towers-Watson 2012 Global Workforce Survey, 65% of all workers are either disengaged, unsupported, or detached from work.

Poor Business Processes

It has been estimated that a customer is five times more likely to turn against an organization due to poor business processes than due to poor products.

Poor Change Management

Change is unavoidable and both a personal and professional life requisite. To survive in today’s competitive system, companies must excel at Change Management.

Initiatives fail because deliverables aren't met, and sustainable change doesn’t occur. Don't let this happen to you.