Our Core Competency

Haploos, with its partners MasterCard and Comdata, issues Virtual Card payments on behalf of the US Government. Haploos can issue stimulus payments to both individuals and organizations quickly, efficiently and securely. This technology DOES NOT replace any banking relationship the government has, it is a service add-on.

About Virtual Credit Cards

A Virtual Card is a credit card account that exists electronically and works exactly like a physical credit card. The virtual card resides online or on a mobile device. If the user wants a physical plastic card, it can be issued within one week.

COVID-19 Stimulus Problems

  • COVID-19 Risk – Paper check will move both money and COVID-19.
  • No Profit – Banks will keep all of the profit for moving the 2020 Stimulus.
  • Lost Money – The 2008 Stimulus LOST 10% – more than $70 Billion LOST – $200 Billion in 2020?
  • Expensive – The Government and beneficiary will pay fees for moving $2.2 Trillion. Massive banking fees.
  • Ineffective/No Control – Money may not be spent on recovery efforts – Stockpiled, illegal drugs, foreign goods and services.
  • Slow – Weeks/months to move money. ACH and checks slow the movement of money.
  • Heavy Lift – Labor intensive process to issue and reconcile payments.
  • Fraud – Checks will be stolen or lost
  • No Visibility – Once money is sent, it is not traceable.
  • The Vulnerable – Our nation’s most vulnerable are left behind – 10% of Americans do not have a bank account.

Strategic Benefits

  • No COVID-19 Health Risk – No COVID-19 transmission – paper handling eliminated.
  • Profitable – Administration will make $10 Billion in cash back rewards – new unappropriated funds.
  • Accountable – the 2020 Stimulus will be the best ever – No lost money, no accounting errors.
  • Free – No cost to the Government or taxpayer – no fees – no labor costs with printing and mailing checks.
  • Effective/Controllable – Money can only be spent on legal U.S. Goods and Services – investing in U.S. economy.
  • Instant – 30 Seconds – Virtual cards are issued instantly – Beneficiary can use money immediately
  • Automated – Issuance is done electronically, no labor burden for the government. Reconciliation also automated.
  • Secure – The most secure form of payment.
  • Visible – Government will know how fast and where the money is being spent.
  • Everyone wins – With virtual card, everyone will have instant purchasing power.


  • FAST Contract – Treasury can contract with Haploos immediately through the SDVOSB status
  • Proven – With our partners, we do $40 Billion annually in Virtual Card payments on MasterCard’s technology platform. The credit card technology moves $6 trillion annually in the U.S.! We are ready to move the 2020 stimulus.

  • Procurement Ready – Both Haploos and TechMIS are procurement ready and SDVOSB status.
  • Top-Secret Security Clearance – Programming performed by TechMIS – Experience with DoD, State, HUD, etc.