Virtual Card – The future of payments

A virtual credit card is like a check, but better. Deliver payments electronically with a secure, single-use MasterCard number. You benefit from added security and money-back rebates on your AP spending.

Haploos, with its partners MasterCard and Comdata, issues payments and benefits to suppliers and individuals on behalf of the local, state and federal governments. This ability can be used to issue payments quickly, efficiently and securely.

A Virtual Card is a credit card account that exists electronically and works exactly like a physical credit card. Each payment the government or company issues has a unique, one-time use card associated with payment.

Haploos offers the world’s best Virtual Card solution. $40 Billion a year in payments.

Business Consulting

Develop the capacity to implement effective, sustainable change.

Effective, sustainable change requires Culture Change—helping people move from a culture of compliance to a culture of commitment. But that’s easier said than done. Haploos empowers energy companies to develop and manage this change on their own. With the capacity to create and drive change internally, companies are freed from the “tried it and failed” cycle.

Haploos works with the world’s largest businesses to implement and sustain performance improvement

Big challenges. Simple solutions. We have the answer.

Companies and governments must prepare for the biggest challenges industry and government has faced – regulatory compliance, economic uncertainty, an aging workforce and declining infrastructure – to name a few