The Haploos difference

Comparing different virtual card providers can be difficult. The only effective way is to assess past performance in the same location. In Spokane County, where Haploos is headquartered, Bank of America and US Bank both implemented virtual card at Spokane County government. In the same county, over the same period of time, with the same vendors, Haploos also implemented virtual card. The differences could not be more significant.

The City of Airway Heights

Spokane Housing Authority

The Spokane County Government

Two key differences


Haploos programs Web programs that allow our clients to access payment portals and use the payment portals to deliver payments. Banks do not have this technology.  

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Haploos only makes money when you make money. Banks make money no matter what. If you send an ACH, the bank gets paid. If you send a paper check, the bank gets paid. If you do anything, the bank gets paid. 

At Haploos, we only get paid if your virtual card program is working, and work well. 

Our Project Approach

We provide Payments as a Service, not a Product

Haploos Virtual Card Point of Contact

A major reason why Haploos is so significantly better than banks is because we have a dedicated team that stays with you from start through sustainment. You get to know your team, and they get to know you. Your Haploos team’s compensation rewards only when your program is successful.