Five Simple Steps

Submit Payment

You approve invoices and make payments in your accounting system just as you do today.

Payment Emailed

We assign a virtual MasterCard account number for the specified dollar amount with detailed remittance information, including your system generated payments number.

Supplier Processes

Supplier receives and processes the MasterCard payment from us.

Data Collected

We provide a file of all transactions for automated reconciliation just like a positive pay file from the bank.

Reconciliation Automated

You gain peace of mind with reduced fraud risk, time savings and a streamlined process.

Haploos’ Virtual Credit Card Program, powered by MasterCard and Comdata, allows you to deliver payments electronically using a secure, single-use MasterCard account number. Like a check, these payments can only be processed by a single vendor for a specific amount, but without the cost and hassle of printing and mailing.

  • Turn your payables into a revenue generator with monthly rebates on spending
  • Submit consolidated invoices for your suppliers electronically
  • Send the exact payment amount—nothing more, nothing less
  • Leverage existing vendor pay cycle (terms)
  • Reduce fraud and manual errors associated with paper payments

Understanding The Payment Highway

Think of different payment methods are lanes on a payment highway. The traditional payment high way has four lanes. Wire, ACH, Paper Check and P-Card (physical credit cards used for small purchasing). These traditional lanes are expensive, slow and time consuming. The newest lane, Virtual Card, is FREE, FAST and EFFICIENT.

The fast lane that pays you for using it.

Your payment highway WITH Haploos Virtual Card lane

Virtual Card:

  • Fast – payments happen in seconds
  • Fun – you make free money
  • Friendly – easy to use, automates reconciliation

Your payment highway WITHOUT the Haploos Virtual Card lane – Stuck in traffic

Traditional lanes, stuck in traffic – losing time and money

In the traditional lanes, governments and industry pay to pay vendors. You pay transaction fees, access fees, account fees, reconciliation and management labor burdens.