Haploos Virtual Card

Get 1% of Your ARP Funds Back

For the first time in our history, the  Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Department of the U.S. Treasury will allow governments and agencies to keep rebates on federal money. Capture 1% of ARP funds as unrestricted, new revenue. 

Haploos Virtual Card is the FIRST and ONLY to be authorized by GAO to have our rebates are considered “new, unrestricted revenue.” Any rebate captured through Haploos Virtual Card will be yours to spend.

How Virtual Card works

Click to Pay

Your team will follow the same AP process. When they click pay, Haploos receives a payment file, just like your bank. We turn that payment file into Virtual Cards and email your vendors payment. 

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Why You Should Care

When you pay any other way, it costs you money. You pay banking fees, staff overhead and more. You also are missing out on free, unrestricted rebates. 

How much money have you missed out on so far? What is 1% of your non-payroll budget worth?

Too Good to be True?

The primary reasons governments don’t use Virtual Card is there is a belief it’s too good to be true. There is not such thing as free money, right?

Wrong. Free money is why every skyscraper downtown is named after a bank. The sky is literally the limit with free money.


Haploos is proud to be a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business.

  • The Practical: Governments & agencies are able to sole-source contracts with Haploos under Federal procurement law. No RFI/FRP/RFQs 
  • The Inspirational: Lifting up a veteran owned business is a rare opportunity and can be personally rewarding.
  • The Political: Elected leaders and voters always prefer their tax dollars go to partner with veteran owned businesses over big business.

Make a Difference, Decide to...


BE Different

To make a difference you have to BE different. Doing things the same old way will never make a difference.

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BUILD Different

Wanting to make a difference is never enough. Building different is how you make a difference.

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LEAD & Never Give Up

The comfort of status quo is powerful. You must choose to lead your team and never give up.