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About Us


Haploos is a leading provider of cutting-edge payment technologies and services, offering scalable solutions for PHAs and governments of all sizes.

Founded by an entrepreneur who has a passion for families who are housing insecure, we offer smart, innovative services to PHAs and governments nationwide that relives budget problems and kills fraud.

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First and Only in History

With our simple and elegant patent-pending Virtual Card payment solution Haploos is dedicated to fixing the hardest and most perplexing problems PHAs and governments face today! We generate new revenue and kill fraud.

With our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance our users’ every day experiences. Our incredible team of engineers, programmers and process experts have worked tirelessly to bring PHAs the perfect solution.

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Integrity, Service and Excellence

Our core values support our purpose through our actions. They are non-negotiable and act as a roadmap keeping us on track. They guide us to making the right decision in all situations, whether that is our hiring process, bringing on new clients or vendors, how we handle difficult situations or even how we celebrate. Our core values are much more than minimum standards. They remind us what it takes to win. They inspire us to do our very best at all times.

Integrity, Service and Excellence. Within each of those, we believe there are basic values that make up each of the primary core values.


All business and personal relationships are founded on a degree of trust, with integrity being the foundation upon which trust is built.

By making integrity the lifeblood of Haploos, it is found in every facet of our business. From project start to finish, you can count on Haploos to offer sound advice with your interests placed first.


This idea comes from placing integrity before everything else. Your needs are always put above the needs of Haploos.

Process improvement is a collaborative effort, and Haploos will be your dedicated partner and team member throughout your entire project. Relationships matter; we are not just another vendor.


Haploos thrives and excels when unique challenges present themselves. We never give up, never surrender and failure is never an option.

Driving change in any organization can be extremely difficult. At Haploos, the relentless pursuit and attainment of your project’s goals defines our consulting efforts.

Haploos Logo

Name and Logo

Our company name is based on the ancient Greek ἁπλόος (haplós) which means simple, honest and elegant. The word further evolved to mean simple, honest and elegant solutions.

Improvements that take root and deliver real, sustainable business results must be doable (simple), have real value (honest) and work well (elegant).

Delivering results through simple, honest and elegant solutions is who we are as a company. How we do this as a company is where our circular logo comes in. The circle represents our coaching model. We go beyond identifying great solutions, we help our clients achieve results by developing their people through coaching. That’s our philosophy. It’s how we do business.

We serve our clients in the pursuit of excellence through simple and elegant business solutions (haploos). These solutions focus singularly on improving business performance through the development of our clients’ staff and cutting-edge solutions and implementation:

• Enhancing the client’s efforts to modernize and streamline business processes in order to produce a safer, more reliable and profitable operational environment.

• Utilizing our simple, collaborative and fresh approach which develops the client’s capacity to drive sustainable change for future initiatives.

Meet Our CEO

Working for city, county and state agencies automating reconciliation, eliminating fraud, and giving Cash Back Rebates of 1% as unrestricted funds.

Josh Arritola

CEO of Haploos